What does the AlphaVeda CPT Exam Prep online course contain?

Lecture Notes

Organised and presented in a simple manner that is designed to help you master the syllabus - but without confusing or overwhelming you.

Replete with examples, nuances and practicalities so that you easily understand the concepts.

Question Bank

A robust Question Bank containing hundreds of questions for each subject, organised by chapter.

For every single one of these questions, there are explanations carefully crafted to make you sit up and say, "Wow, this is easy! I get it!"

Explanations that are not simply answers to questions but explanations that go to the heart of the concept, that emphasize logic, that help trigger thought.

Key features of the AlphaVeda CPT Exam Prep online course

The AlphaVeda CPT Exam Prep online course has unique, innovative tools, specially designed to help you master the course material; motivate you to practice regularly; boost your confidence levels; and, perform well in the exam. These tools enable you to:

As you progress, track the extent to which you have covered the syllabus, on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

Measure how you are faring, by tracking your performance on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

Mark questions you think are important or need extra attention, and return to them at any time.

Make your personal notes to individual questions wherever you like, and easily access the notes later.

All these tools are easy to use and will make a big difference to your preparation and probability of success in the examination. Practice is the "secret weapon" you have at your disposal, and The AlphaVeda Way helps you deploy it to maximum effect!