What do you do two weeks before the exam?

Tired manThe final stretch…..

1) Now is the time to taper your reading and begin your revisions (if you not already done so). Review your notes on a daily basis to stay fresh with the key concepts.

2) Continued practice is essential. The more questions you solve each day, the better prepared you will be.

3) Review questions that you have answered incorrectly and questions that you have marked as important. Such questions have to be continually re-visited. Make sure you understand the concepts underlying such questions – there is a reason they were answered incorrectly or marked as important.

4) Pay attention to time taken to solve each question – since you have limited time for answering each question.

5) Develop your test-taking plan. Consider things such as what paper to attempt first; how do you deal with questions, the answers to which you are unsure of – attempt now, or come back to it; how are you going to keep a track of time – very often, one lands up being surprised when running out of time; what is your process of elimination – in a multiple choice format exam, quite often you can very quickly eliminate two of the wrong choices.

6) If you have been burning the midnight oil, it is perhaps time to stop and get back to a regular sleeping pattern.

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